Sunday, October 21, 2012

1146. Kenny Rogers success tips

Monday Oct 22, 2012

Yesterday evening, I had an enjoyable evening listening to Kenny Rogers singing at the Indoor Stadium. Half the Stadium was used and I would say it was 90% full. No young people of less than 30 years were present as they were not born.  Kenny said that his fans were those born before 1960s and those born after 1960s do not know about songs of the 1960s.

Kenny knows how to connect with the audience and get audience participation and singing. If you watch some of you-tube videos of Kenny Rogers, you can learn some wise tips from him on his success and longevity as as singer. He said that you can never be rich as a singer if you think you want to make money. If you sing with your heart, focus and persevere and have some talents, you will succeed were similar advices he gave during his youtube interviews of his 50th anniversary.

The Indoor Stadium's sound system was very bad but the audience enjoyed his performance. "I am waiting for 'Lady'," I thought he would not sing this song as he was finishing his act from 8.15 pmn to 9.30 pm. He sang it last and the audience appreciated it very much.

Readers may like to watch this video at:  

Vets can never be rich if they just operate one clinic and not be a manager-owner of several clinics. Kenny Rogers can sell millions of records but vets cannot operate on millions of dogs and cats. The important thing for young vets to build their name is to be available. If he or she keeps taking holidays or time off every month, more than usual, then owners just go to other vets who are hardworking. So, skills cannot be acquired or honed. Talents may be there, but the heart is not there for the pets and the clients.

So, being a successful vet practice operator is not easy too as there are high overheads of rentals, staff and stiff competition by younger vets who underprice their services and talents don't mean much to Singaporeans who are seduced by the brand name and modern external appearance of the waiting room. Kenny Rogers is an example of success as a singer but there are many more are not known. Young vets who want to be successful must be available most of the time. Work-life balance is difficult if you want to be successful in your field. It is good for employees who want time for themselves and their families and employ other vets to run their practices.

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