Thursday, October 25, 2012

1162. A 15-year-old Persian cat

"I went to Vet 1 twice and blood tests were done twice," the man in his late 60s said. "Nothing wrong. I was asked to give A/D by mouth daily and I have been doing it for 2 weeks. My cat is losing weight and not eating. She used to eat well till two weeks ago."

I did an abdominal palpation. The thin kidney meowed when I palpated the left kidney. I advised a blood test. The clues from the owner are important. He said: "My cat would look forward to the dry cat food but after one bite, would not eat."

"Is there mouth ulcers?" I asked. The cat clawed me and objected strenuously to her mouth being opened. I could see one left upper canine tooth gum was much bigger at around 5X the other. Was there a gum tumour causing pain? Was this swelling present at young?

What is the solution? I advised another blood test. But what is the diagnosis and the solution?
This is a difficult case. Dr Daniel said there was a big firm lump in mid-abdomen. Yes, there was one but it could be the kidney or bladder. He was sure they could be intestinal or abdominal tumours.  "An X-ray may show," I said.

I gave the cat an IV drip and medication. Will need to wait and see after the blood test results come in.

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