Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1154. The urinary stone Schnauzer barks and eats at 6.47 pm

Tuesday Oct 23, 2012  6.47 pm
I asked Dr Daniel to bring JJ out for a walk at 6 pm. Evening sunset, tranquility. This dog had not wanted to eat since my surgery on last Saturday and I am most worried. The owners visited her every afternoon.

Dr Daniel said: "The owners say that this dog does not eat after surgery and it is common."
JJ walked out with a spring in her step. She peed outside and the urine was yellow and has no signs of blood unlike this morning.

Suddenly she barked at a jogger.  This was excellent news. A dog that barks suddenly at joggers is on the road to recovery. Dr Daniel took off her e-collar and gave her canned food. She ate and my worries of the post-op decline in health vanished. She walked up and down the back room looking for Dr Daniel. She sat on her back. "Put her back into the cage," I said.

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