Friday, October 12, 2012

1141. Blood in the stools or no?

"To be frank with you, I consulted another" vet yesterday," the lady gave me a container with mucoid stools and some tissues of blood. "atA very nice place. The vet was nice and checked the stools under the microscope. He said no blood in the stools and no parasites. But my dog still has blood in the stools."
The other vet also prescribed some liquid medication and gave assurances that there was no blood.

"To me, this pinkish tissue looks like blood. But the lady said she fed the dog beetroot.
"Could it be the colour of beetroot?" she asked.

Fortunately, I had studied in Scotland and am familiar with the purplish blue beetroot which is eaten by Westerners.

 "There will be very little blood," I said. "So, I will send this sample to the laboratory that specialises in blood and faecal tests as they will have the more sophisticated machines to detect it."


Stool Analysis  
Appearance   Soft brownish stools
Microscopic examination (wet mount)  leucocyters, erythrocytes+ detected
Occult blood Positive    

The owner phoned at 10 am for the results. I told her. She asked me to fax a copy of the report to the other vet.   

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