Thursday, September 27, 2012

1122. The vet transports the dog for an X-ray

"Surely it is not (befitting) your status to personally drive and transport the dog to get an X-ray done!" Dr Jason Teo's transport man met me at a Clinic where he had taken a cat for x-ray of the pyometra.

"My transport man had sold his van and the others were not available," I explained.
Steven pointed to an old Mercedes outside the clinic. Its engine old and smoke from the exhaust puffing out and said: "Surely, the petrol of the Mercedes would cost more than your transport cost. Why don't you just phone me?"

"I thought you just groom dogs for Jason," I did not tell him that the black Mercedes was not mine and I don't idle the engine when I park the car. It takes some time at this clinic to get the dog X-rays. In any case, I dislike polluting the environment by idling the engine unnecessarily.

"I do dog transport when I need the money," he laughed. He is an old guard in this pet business.

I find that much can be learnt just by transporting the dog for X-ray to any clinic. In one clinic, I was made most welcome by the vets. In another clinic, I would not be permitted to see any vet nor proceed past the waiting room as it has an awesome gate-keeper. So I learnt a lot by being on the ground.

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