Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1107. Follow up on shih tzu with complicated blocked

Sep 19, 2012. Today Wednesday, I examined the shih tzu's urethral opening. There was some granulation tissue trying to close it. It is only Day 7 since I did the operation (scrotal ablation and urethostomy extension) last Wednesday when Dr Daniel went to Langkawi. It took 2 hours although it seemed to be easy if you read the vet text book.

The dog pees from there. The owner is quite happy with the outcome. Financial costs had been very high to him due to recurrence. I advise S/D strictly for 1 month and then C/D. Monthly urine tests for 3 clear tests.

I also showed him another similar case where the owner of the Miniature Schnauzer had two surgeries on blocked bladder. After the first surgery, she did not accept our advice to go on therapeutuic diet but did so on the 2nd recurrence.

The dog went home today with instructions on how to clean the urethrostomy wound using clean boiled water twice a day. Urine comes out from this wound and stitch removal will be done in 7 days' time.

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