Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1087. Coincidence? Zhaobao article on dogs

After operating on the Shih Tzu with complicated problems, an old friend drove me to her office in People's Park. There I met her brother who said: "I read the Zhaobao. It was given free and I have never read Zhaobao. There, I read about you as a vet. I didn't know that dogs can get poisoned from eating grapes!"
I was surprised he read this newspaper and saw my interview. I don't read Zhaobao and so I did not know when the reporter would publish the article. It is rarely that I get interviewed and so this was much of a coincidence.

Another coincidence was that my old friend's dog had died of canine lymphosarcoma many years ago. Today, I met an old client who told me that her dog Sparky had passed away suddenly, due to tumours on her diaphragm, as she had surfed the net to find out.

"Did your Jack Russell recover from mouth ulcers after dental scaling?" I asked her. The dog had swollen lymph nodes on submandibular area.

"Yes," she said. "She ate and was normal in drinking, peeing and pooping. She just died 3 months later." It was nice to know she had a good quality of life.

What's so coincidental about the above. The lymphosarcomas of the two dogs and the Zhaobao incidents of the brother. Was there a message from the "datuk" above? My friend believes in the "datuk" and there are stories I had written some time ago in the powers of the "datuk".

I went back to the Surgery at 6 pm. The Shih Tzu was barking like mad which was a good sign. He had fever yesterday and pus in his urine.

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