Thursday, September 20, 2012

1111. Prolonged bleeding in a 10-year-old female Rottweiler

Today, Thursday Sep 20, 2012, I attended to this gentle female, Rottweiler dripping with reddish brown vaginal discharge for at least 3 weeks. Usually 2 weeks. Not eating much. No fever. It was a referral and also a convenience of

"How's the urine colour?" I asked the arowana breeding farmer and his wife
"Dark yellow," he said.

"Most likely infection in the womb and the ovaries are abnormal," I said. I took blood test and schedule spay on Sunday morning after 2 days of antibiotics.

"Do you have a website for your arowana breeding?" I asked as this man is passionate about arowanas which are now not much in demand.
"Myanmar is growing explosively. China has many rich people and how can they contact you if you don't have a website?"

"I depend on referrals," he and his wife told me they have a "green arowana" specific to Myanmar. I have not seen green ones. Many breeders in Australia and US have websites announcing their high quality breeds but this farmer seems not to be interested. He sells in lots of 10 or 30/batch which he lovingly "grooms" them to a certain length. He does not like selling to those who have no experience in further rearing them as they die early.

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