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1066. Black lump on the older roborovski hamster

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Hi Dr Sing,

I came across your website while searching for more info regarding the lump on my robo hamster. It was quite a big one and black in colour. I am not sure how long it have been there (assuming 2 weeks) because as robo is a very active hamster and does not like to be handle so i usually only observe it through the cage and close the cage after i feed her on my hand. Her movement and everything else seems normal, no limping etc. As i am the second owner of my robo, i am also not sure how old it is (she is already with me for 1 year and 2 month). Merry was abandon by her previous owner and she was left outside the house to hibernate without food and water bottle dried up. She was given to my cousin by the previous owner's sister.

I would like to seek your advice on this and would like to check with you if you have come across black lump on hamster. I would also like to know the cost if operation is needed and if it is within my means.

Hope to hear from you soon Dr Sing.

Thank You


Name of lady owner


Thank you for your email. It is difficult to say what your hamster's "black" lump is. Based on his old age, it is likely a tumour, probably a melanoma. It could be a black gangrenous tumour that has lost its blood supply.

As you did not provide any images, I can't say whether I have had seen similar "black" lumps in other robo. Older hamster has various lumps of various sizes on various parts of its body and some do have "black" ones.

Anaesthesia and surgery for the removal of the lump is estimated at around $100-$200 depending on its size and time to excise it. Pl make an appointment one day in advance at 6254 3326 and come at 9.30 am on a weekday preferably. Best wishes.

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