Thursday, August 23, 2012

1056. Vermicomposting. Create a business out of hobbies

A young woman in the USA has a hobby. In Singapore, a few Singaporeans used to have an idea to breed pedigree small breed puppies for sale some 20 years ago. A puppy was selling for around $500. Now I doubt there are many left as the Singapore government clamps down on home breeders, requiring licences.


I have started my worm box! I just bought 192 worms from a fish bait and tackle shop yesterday. The worms are Red Wrigglers. They are now living in a plastic box in the soil/ peat which they came in. I fed them some carrot peel and banana peel today! Also covered the top of the soil with shredded newspaper and pieces of a paper egg carton. I’ll keep you updated on how they grow. I found a small yellow vermipod today in the soil. This means that they are reproducing. I’m excited!


OK. Young people should get into a business mode when they have hobbies. As for you, it would be to create "worms" to sell to the fishermen. . 

Hobbies can also be businesses if one has the energy and knowledge. After all, one needs money to buy tools and equipment to be proficient in one's hobbies e.g. digital photography in my case. But nobody wants to buy my veterinary digital images!

Do you need a government licence? I read in the Straits Times recently regarding a young lady who started a "nanny-matching" business online without a licence from the MOM. She got fined $2000. Now MOM requires $60,000 instead of $20,000 deposit if anyone wants to start up an employment business. I think the Singapore bureaucrats are killing entrepreneurship and increasing the cost of business start ups

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