Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1054. Veterinary Images from Hong Kong

I advise all vets to get dwarf hamster tumours excised promptly rather than do biopsy first as this is what the professors may have taught them and as written in the vet text books.

I encourage the internet generation to create beautiful images, but it seems this generation has too much to text and enjoy to do the hard work to create attractive images. I hope the following will be of interest to readers. They took me >1 hour, from 5.30 am to 7.20 am at the reception of the Hotel Panorama, Hong Kong (free wireless only in lobby, HK$100 charge for 24 hours if inside the room where the others are sleeping).


1. Sunlight at an angle is best. No sunlight, the image looks dull. It was drizzling in Northpoint, Hong Kong one hour earlier but no heavy rain as in Disney Land on Aug 21, 2012

2. If a passer-by is shown, it makes the image much more attractive. An old woman happened to walk up the clinic. I thought she was a customer. Earlier, a lady with 4 Corgis walked by, but my camera was inside my camera bag!

3. A car obstructed the front view earlier.

4. Suddenly the dark clouds parted and the 3pm sunlight shone at the clinic. There was no time to waste.
5. I sat on the stool of a food stall opposite the clinic and clicked fast. Luckily the stall holder did not chase me away. 

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