Thursday, August 16, 2012

1046. Female poodle, 4 years with mast cell tumour

"The dog had a lump on the junction of the upper and lower lip on the right side of the mouth. The owner went to Vet 1. He gave some medication. But the lump grows bigger," the friend of the Pom owner said to me. "It is just an abscess. An abscess. Just squeeze it will do." This friend had operated a pet shop before and was now thinking of doing a coffee business in Hainan where his ancestors lived. This young man had given up operating a pet shop and grooming business. He was looking for other ventures.

I palpated the lump on the right lip commissure. It was 8 mm x 6 mm x 6 mm and was firm. "It is not an abscess," I said. " It is a tumour. That is why Vet 1's medication did not work."

Dr Daniel excised the lump using electro-excision and anaesthesia. He stitched up the wound. Then he sent it to the lab for histopathology, after seeking the owner's permission.

It was a mast cell tumour, with some mitotic figures seen. In other words, a malignant tumour. It was likely that the tumour would spread or grow and the owner was informed.

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