Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1043. The cat gives the four-digit draw to the owner

The mother and her young adult daughter adopted this cat as a stray kitten 3.5 years ago and came for the regular vaccination on receipt of the vaccination reminder card. So, I saw them today as they had booked an appointment for me to vaccinate.

"You were the one who spayed her when she was 10 months old," the mother said. "She was making a lot of noise and you charged $150." I checked my record. Yes, it was dated June 29, 2009. How time flies. The daughter had graduated and had worked for Jet Star as a cabin crew for 2 years. "

"The cat's receipt 4-digit draw number came out on Saturday (Aug 11, 2012) and Sunday (Aug 12, 2012)," the mum said to me. "On Saturday, it was 2nd prize for the number 5124 and on Sunday, 2415 was lst prize!"

"How much would you get for the first prize?" I asked.
"$2,000 for a $1.00 bet," she said.
"Did you get it?"
"No," she said. "I bought the number 2451". The cat's receipt number on the first visit 3 years ago was 12451. I know of one other owner who did make money buying the 4D on receipts from Toa Payoh Vets.

"Why didn't you buy all combinations of 2451?" I asked. "You would have won $2,000 on Sunday and some amount on Saturday!"
"I would have to pay $24 and it was too much. I usually buy $2.00. I had been buying other numbers as well."

In this case, there was a vaccination reminder. She made an appointment to see me whereas last year, it was Dr Vanessa. The Gods of Fortune came. This is a true incredible 4-D story. The cat was plump and well cared for. "Where does she scratch her paws?" I asked. "Onto the sofa," the daughter said that they bought older sofas and so this was ok.

"Why does your mum buys 4D?" I asked the equally slim be-spectacled daughter.
"She has a stall next to the 4D outlet," she said.
The mum fixed costumed jewellery only on Sundays by renting a small table space at the Lorong 7 market.
"I have regular customers," she had been in this line for 9 years. I was most impressed at her perseverance and success in this small business. "Now my eye-sight is not so good to do the repairs," she said she had to pay rental even if she did not turn up on Sunday.  I was happy that the owners take good care of the cat.

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