Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1027. English bulldog has ringworm again - for adoption

In April 2012, the gentleman in his late 50s was given a female English bulldog as the other party could not maintain it. He had become very successful in his back up services to multinationals and in buying properties with enbloc potential. He could buy the Mercedes SLK sports and any car that the ordinary vet can only dream of.

Yet I noticed he had no great love for dogs. Once, some years ago, he dumped his Jack Russell onto me as he did not want it. I had to find a home for it. Today, he came as his dog had ringworm on her backside, parts of the face and head.

"Did she recover in April when I prescribed the treatment?" I asked him. He was complaining about the veterinary fees of around $400 which included much treatment including tests for mites, not that he could not afford them. His idea of fees to treat skin diseases was less than $50.00. So I did not expect to see him again.  

This time, his bill was around $200 as ringworm was evident and I did not bother to check for mites or do other tests. But he complained again. "Skin diseases are not cheap to treat as the dog needs a longer course of medication, unlike a simple fever. If insufficient medication is given for a period of time, the skin disease is not cured and the owner has to come back to the vet again. That is why I prescribed medication for 30 days, not 7 days.

"This dog needs a lady who will care for her," I said. "English bulldogs need daily maintenance and a gentle lady who cares for her will be the best owner. Or you can give her to the dog breeder."

"No dog breeder," he said. "He will just use her for breeding!"

Skin diseases are expensive to treat because they need longer treatment, in my experience. In this case, the dog had recovered and that is why the owner came back when she has a "relapse" due to unhygienic cage or some contaminated areas.
I expect this dog to recover in Sep 8, 2012.

Any reader who can provide a good home and wants to adopt this 2-year-old English bulldog, let me know by emailing to judy@toapayohvets.com


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