Sunday, August 5, 2012

1026. How to make a compelling photo essay in the internet age - Michael Freeman

Ref: Digital photopro  Feb 2012

A photo essay or picture essay is a sequence of photos telling a story. It has:
1. A theme and the following fundamental structure
2. The Opener - The opening shot
3. The Body
4. The Closer
5. The Key Shots ( = climax or climaxes in short stories)
The Opener is the "hook" or attention grabber of the reader. Openers are not where you place the key shots.

The Body has a definite storyline.

The Closer - end with a bang or whimper? Ending with a bang is better choice.

The Key Shot. Not all images are fantastic. Be ruthless in weeding out imags that do not make a photo essay stong. A high impact or key shot need to be part of a paced rhyhmic photo essay. Earlier images need to build toward it.

The internet.
The future is in the form of the online slideshow.The tools are alm,ost cinematographic, including strictly linear sequencing, tansitions like cross-fades, audio, pans and zooms and more.


Title sequence
Opener (Opening image)
Establishment, setup
Buildup (= minor climax?)
Counter story, Second situation
Climax, Key Shot
Closer (Closing Image)
e.g. LIFE magazine 1948  "The Country Doctor"
show young dedicated smart doctors like Dr Ceriani can handle everything without federal interference. Opening image -  rural doctor walk down a road, doctor's bag to house call.
Closing image - modern surgeon exhausted after a late-night op but completely dedicated.

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