Saturday, August 4, 2012

1024. A male mongrel has high fever - blood test - evidence-based medicine

A 2-year-old Boxer-looking factory dog from Joo Koon Circle
 came in as he was not eating or active for the last 2 days. He has a golden brown coat and so Whiskey was an appropriate name.

A high fever (40.5 deg C). I sought permission from the factory owner to do a blood test as I suspected viral or tick fever infections. It is always important to do blood tests but the owner's permission must be given as he pays for it.

Total WCC  44 (6-17) 
N 91%,  L 6%, M 0.8%, E 1.6%, B 0%

Surprisingly, platelets were low  154 (200-500) for this young dog. Platelet clumping was noted.
SGOT/AST 128 (<81 br="br" high.="high." was="was">
Factory dogs don't get vaccinated and so they are not well protected. This dog had one vaccination. Anti-fever medication IV, antibiotics and drips were given for 2 days. The dog recovered and went home.

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