Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jul 29, 2012 Sunday's interesting cases

July 29, 2012
Arrived at 8.30 am. Bright sunshine Sunday.

1. Poodle spay came in at 10 am.  I told the owners that they could pick up the dog at 12 noon.
I prepared D+K, for this 3.5 kg dog.
D+K at 50% IV sufficient to intubate when done at the 4th minute after injection. Dr Daniel to spay.

2. Lady intern from stat board wanted to do internship as she wanted to become a vet. Had an Arts degree, AVA does not give vet scholarship to older graduates and the cost was prohibitive. "Be proactive and positive," I said. "Nobody can predict the future.

3. A Tampenis client of Dr Vanessa came to get some medicine and cream for his dog treated successfully for skin disease in Nov 2011. He wanted the tablets and the cream. When I advised that we don't sell tablets, he was furious as he could "buy from other vet clinics." So, he left in his taxi.

4. Dr Vanessa's 3 clients came in a bunch. So it is barking dogs. As it is a personalised service, her clients must wait. We have other vets but they want her.

5. You treated my Schnauzer with bloodied ears and pus flung onto Mr Saw last time," the lady selling rabbit health products said to me. "So I come back as the ears are giving me problems again." That was 3 days ago. I warded the 12-year old dog for ear irrigation and dental work. This morning I checked the oily ears. Much better. Took some pic. Will write up this case later.

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