Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1809. Vets to write down follow-up tel calls to owners

Sometimes the husband gets the calls and don't communicate with the wife, as in the case of the CKC with closed pyometra. I phoned the husband a few times as his tel is on the case card. The dog was hospitalised 5 days. On the 4th day, the wife phoned the clinic and told me that nobody ever informed her about the health of her dog operated by Dr Daniel Sing. The dog was in good condition.. This was surprising as I had spoken to her husband who knew the seriousness of the case based on blood test with total WCC hitting the roof. 

Another owner of a jack russell that vomited phoned and told me that Dr Vanessa had not informed him of the blood test result. But Dr Vanessa said she had. It was her word against the owners.

So, nowadays, all vets will write down date and time of informing the owner in the case file, to avoid misunderstanding. Such feedback is valuable to improve our services and that is why I do answer phone calls to know the ground level.  

Complaints about long waiting time and not be seen at the appointed time are another issue that have to be resolved.

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