Friday, June 8, 2012

1020. Caterwauling cat with low platelet count spayed

Case study on this Sat Jun 9, 2012 morning at Toa Payoh Vets.
Cat spayed yesterday against medical advice. The cat had been caterwauling noisily for the past week and the owner took the risk to spay despite my advice that a cat losing weight (from 2.55kg on April 29, 12 to 2.40 kg on Jun 8, 12, day of spay, Friday).

Blood test reviewed and the owner informed.

BLOOD TEST RESULT - Significant results
Total WCC 5.3 (5.5 - 19.5) & very low platelet count.
I was surprised to see the very low platelet count of this adopted young female cat, around
10 months old. The owners came for Vit K1 tablets to be given for a week.

SUNDAY JUNE 10, 2012  3 pm. I phoned the owner at his home as both he and his wife had not answered their handphones. "The cat is active. Eats, drinks, pees but has not pooped." So, it is good news.

As to the cause of the low platelet count, it is a mystery. Could it be the "Barf diet"? The owners had changed to this diet instead of the commercial canned cat's food. There was really a weight loss over the period of time stated above. To be safe, I advised using commercial canned food for a month. The cat was losing weight and the spay was done with informed consent of the risks of dying.

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