Saturday, June 23, 2012

Follow up: Rabbit with large cheek abscess

Dear Dr Sing,

here are the photos of Huihui and Ban Ban's most recent photos. No 18 is to let you see how they are housed currently, normally no partition only cos Huihui needs to be separated from Banban currently.

Thanks a lot for helping explain many things to us also and all the advice and recommendations.

Just to inform you that Huihui has started eating the pellets slowly and had drank at least 10mls of apple juice.


I want to ask when should I stop pumping in the chlorohexidine wash into his face as the hole actually closes up every morning and evening and I have to poke through the sealed hole each time I wash..... The swelling has gone down considerably but the area around the hole is quite hard so I am not sure if there's anything wrong. I am not sure if there is still any pus inside although I thought I see some whitish stuff inside. His appetite has gone back to normal and his speed of eating has returned to normal. He also started to lick me after each treatment, which I considered as a good sign as he hasn't did that since the swelling started. He has also regained his energy, running and jumping up and down his toilet, standing up frequently to beg for treats/pats. So can you please advise me if I should continued poking through the hole to wash or just leave the hole to closed up?

Sorry for the long letter but I thought I should let you know how he is doing


I am glad to see one of your two rabbits after over 5 years. I am still checking my website the original picture taken when I neuter and spay your two rabbits.

You have written an excellent post-op nursing report. Good detailed report from the owner is very rare and is useful as a follow-up on the operation (lancing of the abscess done by Dr Vanessa before the X-ray as advised by me).

You need to flush out as much pus from deep inside the abscess and therefore continue irrigation till you don't see any "white" pus inside the cavity.

1. From the X-rays, the abscess from the elongated impacted molar is very deep and molar tooth extraction should be the solution to prevent recurrence of the abscess. However, this procedure is not so easy in a rabbit compared to the dog and cat.

2. The rabbit needs to be checked for molar spurs every 4 weekly. Trimming of the spurs to the gum line may be necessary in malocclusion.
3. Make an appointment next Sunday morning July 1, 2012 to check on the molars and the abscess. I am in the midst of writing a case report of your rabbit X-ray. It takes lots of time to do it. Best wishes.

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