Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1054. Adopted stray cat with low platelet count


The owners wanted a complete blood test of the adopted cat that was to be spayed on the same day. She was caterwauling 11 days ago. There was a weight loss and I was told she was fed a Barf diet. I advised against spay surgery to be on the safe side. The wife wanted it. The ovarian vessels were much congested due to the heat period and needed extra care in ligation.
The cat took around 2 days to recover but this is the normal situation after spay. Now the cat is very active as I read from the email below.

Jun 8, 12
TP 41855
Cat Welfare Society Adopted cat around 1 year old, female.

Significant findings blood test (jugular vein)
Total WCC 5.3 (5.5-19.5)
N 63%, L28%, M 4%, E6%, B0.1%
Plateltes 38 (300-800)
No platelet clumps seen. Large platelets present.

As to why the platelets are low, it is hard to know the cause. Clinically, the cat was active and the surgical outcome is excellent as the cat has no complications (bleeding and infection) after spay and is active. So, this low platelet count is one of the mysteries of veterinary medicine.

UPDATE JUN 27, 12. However, the cat is OK. One dangling stitch is still present 19 DAYS after spay on Jun 8, 12. But the is not bothered. I advised they will dissolve in 2-4 weeks' time, so no need to come to me for stitch removal. I use polysorb absorbable sutures 3/0 and did 2 horizontal mattress sutures. As the cat would not permit a focused image to be emailed to me, I don't know whether it is the stitch or not. In any case, all dissolvable stitches in the skin drop off from 14-28 days after surgery.

I am keeping the emails for reference and will reply if I have more info.

Dear Dr Sing

Thank you for the care and advice concerning Sofi. As spoken yesterday, she has healed and recovered exceptionally well. The stiches are still visible though she shows no discomfort and does not lick the site at all. Please find the links below for 1) Barf and 2) Wellness

1) BARF - http://barfsingapore.com.sg/

This appears to be a well balanced and species approraite diet for cats though we are a little concerned about the possibility of contamination and exposure given the transportation process from Australia to Singapore. Going back to Sofi's blood test which indicated low platelets, we also wonder whether it could possibly be toxoplasmosis from eating the raw food, this is just speculation of course, the low platelet count could be due to a variety of reasons. Since the operation, we have stopped feeding her BARF completely.

2) WELLNESS - http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/recipes.aspx?pet=cat&ft=2

We are currently feeding her the canned chicken version. She consumes a can in about one and a half days with a little water added in every meal. In addition to the canned food, she also receives about a spoonful of Wellness Core kibbles daily. This is more to add variety and give her something to chew on.

We would be happy eto hear your thoughts on the pet food and anything else you have to say.
Best Regards


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