Friday, June 22, 2012

1046. Closed Pyometra - blood tests and x-rays

Golden Retriever, Female, 10 years

Not eating for 4 days. Lethargy. No fever.

History: Polydipsia & Polyuria

1.  Blood test:
Total WCC = 38 (6-17). N86%, L4%, M9%, E1%, B0%

2. X-rays: Uterine horns filled with pus
3. Ultrasound: Pus seen in both uterine horns. Cervix is closed.

Diagnosis: Closed pyometra

Surgery: 1 hour. Spayed.

Outcome: Good. Dog is back to normal.

High total white cell count and history indicated closed pyometra. X-rays and ultrasound are useful to confirm pus in the uterus.

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