Friday, June 22, 2012

1044. Veterinary surgery report will be recorded for every surgical case in the following format

A veterinary report will be recorded for every surgical case with the following format and filed on the discharge of the pet:

Date of Veterinary Surgery Report:
Name of Veterinary Surgeon

1. History & Complaint
2. Presenting Sign & Symptoms
3. General Examination
4. Tests done & significant findings of tests
5. Diagnosis - tentative and confirmed
6. Treatment
7. Anaesthetics, Surgical procedures, Sutures & No. of packets used (Record No. )
8. Date admitted: Date discharged:
9. Clinical outcome 3 & 14 days or later - Follow-up dates:

Signature of Veterinary Surgeon
Date of this report

Attached and owner has acknowledged receipt:
Blood tests given to owner
Urine tests given to owner
X-rays given to owner
Ultrasound report given to owner
Histopathology report
Sterilisation Certificate No. given to owner
Others given to owner
Anaesthetic & Surgical Record No. ....................
Ear Scope
Skin scraping
Urinary stone analysis report

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