Monday, June 18, 2012

1032. Follow up: Monday Jun 18, 2012 JRX leukaemia

Trembling, recumbent on Thursday June 14, 12
Not eating for 5 days. Intensive IV fluid including amino acids, Vit K1
Went back on Saturday with poor prognosis of acute leukaemia. The shivering was attribute to a very low blood glucose from the blood test.

I phoned up on Monday Jun 18, 12

"The dog is good," the caregiver maid said. "He eats and drinks. No shivering. He does not want me to carry him downstairs to pee. He will walk to the lift and then walk on the ground floor." This dog will never pees inside the apartment. I was surprised at his rapid recovery considering that he was shaking all over his body 4 days ago.

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