Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Management meeting on May 23, 2012 8pm

Dr Vanessa and Mr Min were held back after the last case at 8 pm as I wanted to meet them to communicate their work performances to them. Frequent trust and audit meetings are necessary at this stage as workers and vets find it very hard to change their mindset and ways of working. This applies to all businesses.
I took out medical records done by Dr V yesterday to illustrate and to get improvements in standard of care.
Discussion centred on meticulous record keeping, evidence-based medicine to diagnose yeast infection and other skin diseases, in-patient recording to be kept for file, not just elsewhere, X-ray and other records to be kept in one file. Litigation prevention with proper records including consent forms and correct diagnosis.

Accounts to be properly filed. Interns to be guided and made sure they are gaining the experience and coming on time - a file to be started by them and Min to supervise. Min to speak out and reply when asked a question and to let me know if he has problems at work. "There are many graduates and vets in Myanmar out of job," I told Min. "Every year there are new graduates, even in Singapore. Therefore, wake up each day with happy feelings that you have a job you have been trained for as a vet in Myanmar and open your own clinic like Mr Saw at the end of the contract." Min was saying that Dr Saw in Yangon is doing very well.   

These are old issues but need communications again as it is part of management. Change management is seldom effected without communications and explanations.

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