Monday, May 21, 2012

Hypersexuality is hard to diagnose

Trust and Audit case
An interesting "skin disease" case

TP 42859
Pom White Male Born March 2012
(one year two months now as at May 22, 2012)

Born March 2011. Fluffy coat
Around 8 months, hair starts to drop from back area
1. Vet 1 in another practice attributed it to "puppy hair loss". Not much loss at that time.
2. Mar 18, 12  Vet 2. Complaint alopecia.    Licks flanks, alopecia flanks and ventrum, no crusting, erythematous scaling   Neoderm cream.
3. Apr 20, 12  Vet 3. Cream not better. Pustules. Hair around anus growing. Skin infection.
4. May 14, 2012. Vet 4. Bald, bilateral alopecia. I suspected hormonal imbalance, possibly testosterone.  History important. Humping cats and people. I diagnosed hypersexualtiy. Castration.

5. May 22, 2012. I phoned. "More calm and less sex drive since castration."
Blood test slightly elevated enzymes.
How to squeeze the anal sacs? owner asked.

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