Thursday, May 10, 2012

991. Senior Management Meeting

"I have attended a senior management meeting before," I said to Dr Daniel and his mum who was quite worried that she might be late for her senior management meeting at 9.30 am in Victoria Street. "Only deputy directors and above can give presentation. So, your mum is fortunate to be the able to attend the presentation as low ranking staff is not invited." His mum was not feeling so privilleged. It was more stress.

I reminisced: "There will be the Chairman and the Board of Directors sitting around a big table. In my case, I was a member of the racing task force sent to the racing clubs of Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea to research on how they conducted racing. At this meeting, the General Manager of the Singapore Totalisator Board (Mr Quek Chee Hoon) stood up to present his report on how to reverse the horse-racing decline in Singapore. At the end of his presentation, Mr E.W.Barker said "Good job, well done."


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