Thursday, May 3, 2012

972. Make money from google and youtube - create niche info

May 4, 2012

To: Two young men of less than 30 years old

REF: Make money from your pictures - google ad sense and youtube

You are living in a golden age and in a country where peace has been present for over 70 years allowing you to grow up in an era of abundance, consumption, no worries about hunger and much comfort. Your parents work very hard to get you educated at great expenses which they will never recover.

Generally, I notice that many of your peers trend towards more consumption and pleasure rather than suffer the pain in the creation of artwork, products and services to better yourself and your community.

However, only in recent years, can you actually create and make money from the internet from google and youtube. But you need to put in the effort and hard work and learn a new skill (video production, digital photography and writing). If you want to be rich as well as be smarter than the 80% of your peers, start spending time creating niche and interesting webpages with videos and images.

1. google ads pay you money when viewers click on your webpages.

2. youtube may pay you for good videos

For point no. 1, goto

Spend much less time watching videos and TV. Produce niche interesting videos and be "rich" in time to come. Wealth comes from knowledge gained, positive results and community education and services rather than just making money. Best wishes.

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