Tuesday, April 24, 2012

959. What to do? Carrier cover closed on the cat's tail

April 24, 2012 I saw the consultation table stained by KMnO4 today and was quite furious that there was no newspapers being used to protect this table. Vets who don't bother to take care of equipment will have to pay for the damages. The KMnO4 powder was applied to stop the bleeding from the cat's tail. Somebody had closed the lid on the longer tail of the cat and injured it.

There was hysteria and bleeding. So the vet used KMnO4 and did not bother to use the newspaper to protect the table. "KMnO4 does not work in stopping bleeding of bigger tail wound," I said.

"In such situations, treat it as an emergency and apply the following procedures:"

1. Be firm and ask the owner to wait outside the at the waiting room.
2. Bring the cat to the surgery room.
3. Sedate if necessary as the cat gets excited and worried with all the human commotion.
4. Pressure bandage will stop the bleeding.

Bandaging and cleaning the wound would be better.

PREVENTION Get the owner to put the cat in her carrier when she comes to take her cat back. I had given such instructions for owners to cage their own cats and not let the assistants do it. All of us learn from experiences.

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