Wednesday, April 11, 2012

942. Lack of humility in the young

Yesterday I was at Khin Khin Employment Agency to advise on her business operations as she was new to the game of entrepreneurship.

"This girl is very good staff material. Very pretty. Can speak English very well as she has worked in Singapore for 2 years. She's got an Employment Pass. I would like to employ her as the other girl can't even speak good English."

She phoned the pretty woman and asked me to interview her by phone after showing me the resume. Certainly, the woman could not stop carrying on a conversation by greeting me and taling.

Of the few questions, I asked this: "What do you mean by increasing 72% of the sales since you joined the Singapore company?". Her resume also showed that she had increased 72% of the sales when she worked for a Myanmar company before joining this Singapore company. This was not possible. Exactly 72% increase in sales in both companies.

She gave an evasive answer and was quite impatient. I passed her back to Khin Khin who told me that the pretty woman said that if I was serious to employ her, she would bring her manager down from Kuala Lumpur to testify for her.

"I am not employing her," I said to Khin Khin. "You are the one interested."
"She's aggressive and much better than this other girl. I need such aggressive and able to speak good English staff for my business."
"Then, employ her," I said. "She does not have an E Pass and you, as the boss of the agency should present the facts correctly. She had an S Pass. An aggressive employee will be good for sales.

"But you can get your tail bitten off by an aggressive dog if you are not careful. You have need always to be careful. Besides she does not have the relevant experience. How do you know she will produce sales?

Khin Khin thinks that a pretty face and good English will get into the hearts of prospective Singapore employers. There is some truth in this.

However, this interview revealed an aggressiveness, lack of humility and respect and impatience to a young pretty woman looking for a good job. This is a time bomb when the interview reveals such a personality and I don't employ such a person if I was the prospective employer. Unlikely to be a team player. No respect for the boss or anyone.

Young people looking for good jobs need to be humble and respectful. The world does not owe them a living.

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