Wednesday, April 11, 2012

939. The hot dog growls at the vet

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"More active, no more vomiting," the lady said. "The dog has not recovered fully from hepatitis yet," I said. I prescribed some liver supplements and anitbiotics. Every family member is happy. The dog was warded 4 days for lethargy and recurring fever. 10 days ago, I had operated on him and removed a big epidermal cyst. The dog was rubbing his back area where
the cyst had been removed. So, the grandpa applied bright yellow powder onto the wound. It looked like yellow sulphur, which is toxic.

Saturday, April 8, 2012
The owner had brought the dog to see me last Wednesday with complaint of lethargy and fever. I boarded him for observation and on Saturday, the whole family of 2 ladies, their husbands and grandparents came to visit this miniature schnauzer of 5 years, male. Saturday was my day off, but I went back to Toa Payoh Vets to see this dog. That was how I met the group outside. The dog growled when I approached him to palpate his abdomen to see whether it was still tense and hard. "That is a good sign of recovery to health," I said. "Yesterday, Dr Daniel said he stood like a statute for a few minutes when let out."
"Maybe he is frightened," the young lady said.
"Possibly," I asked the owner to hold his muzzle while I palpated his abdomen. Not tense as before. So,I decided to let him go home. He would recover faster at home.

Well, he did recover. As to the cause of his tense stomach area, I can only sketch this scenario as follows:

1. The wound was contaminated by the yellow powder. Toxins and bacteria entered the wound. Blood test showed high liver enzymes. Low red cell count.

2. Stomach was full. Impaction. I had given anti-spasmodic inj to cool him down. The tense anterior abdomen was due to his liver inflammation.

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