Friday, March 16, 2012

A Myanmar fortune teller's accurate prediction

On Mar 15, 2012, I visited Khin Khin who operates the Khin Khin Employment Agency in Singapore. A fair lady in black with silky see-through on upper part was in sitting on a chair behind me in her room. "Can you remember her?" Khin Khin pointed her to me.

"Well, I do," I said. "She was the one working for an interior design company and wanted to quit within a few days of starting work because she had a hard time from the boss and her country-woman who did not want to teach her how to use the Auto-cad software."

Khin Khin always emphasized to employers the attractiveness of a prospective candidate looking for a job in Singapore. As if the physical appearance of a female job candidate counts and she considered this girl "pretty".

I had met this Myanmar girl in her office some weeks ago. She wanted to quit and I had advised her not to. "It is not easy getting an employer in Singapore," I said to her. Just wait. Your country-woman is going back for a holiday soon. Wait."

After that I did not see her till today.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I have uploaded a picture of another lady whose facial features and fairness in complexion resembled this lady. A rectangular-shaped face, big eyes, porcelain complexion, beauty enhanced by a knowledge of how to use make up effectively to highlight the features. A black number of good quality dress material. Well groomed.

Khin Khin continued: "Her boss forced her to write a resignation letter. She cried in buckets of tears after that. Her mother took her to a fortune teller in Yangon. The fortune teller said that she would get a job in Singapore soon. She attended an interview. The new employer keyed in her details to MOM and she got the reply the next day. She got an S Pass within 24 hours."

I was much surprised as MOM does reject and delay applications for S Pass for many employers whose applications Khin Khin had submitted. Maybe these were "not strong" employers, according to Khin Khin.

I was more surprised that the fortune teller could predict so accurately.
"Well, she went to see Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in a temple in Bugis," Khin Khin said. "She promised to make an offer of $200 if she gets a job in Singapore."

"So was it the prediction of the fortune teller or the power of Kuan Yin?" I asked.
"Or both?"

Khin Khin is a Buddhist and does not believe in Kuan Yin's power. But she said: "It must be Kuan Yin."

The fair lady did not comment as I did not talk to her and she was in a hurry to go for another appointment. It was good news as it was practically impossible for her to work in the first employer's place without the depth of knowledge of Auto-cad and thereby needing the help of the incumbent. I could see that the incumbent would not teach her as that would mean being replaced by a lovely lady. Why should she? The working place is a ferocious jungle where good looks do count. So this young girl had no chance at all.

The boss forced her to resign possibly because the incumbent had threatened to quit. And it is not easy to find Singaporeans who can work in AutoCAD as employment is quite full in Singapore. Most young Singaporeans can find a job if they will work.

The next day, I phoned Khin Khin about other matters. She said: "The little girl asked me to accompany her to Bugis as she would be offering $200 to Kuan Yin. I went to pick up a stick from the container. Devotees throng this temple to ask the Kuan Yin for better business and health and would pick up a stick from the temple's container after praying.

The temple person said that it was "bad". What is "bad"?
"I don't know," I dared not say as I don't know the significance.
Khin Khin said: "I was asking for good reincarnation for my father." Her father of 82 years of age passed away last month.

"Since you don't believe in Kuan Yin," I said. "You don't have to worry about "badness" forecasted in the stick. Khin Khin had got a piece of paper from the temple and burnt it (to ward off the bad spirits?).

In any case, the story of this lovely girl getting an S Pass to work for another employer within the predictions of the fortune teller is true. If that fortune teller is so accurate, I should be flying to Yangon to consult him. But I rather not do that in case he predicted a bad future for me.

This is the 2nd incident I heard about an accurate prediction from a Yangon fortune-teller. The first involved a person having great difficulty in collecting a business debt in Singapore. He consulted the fortune teller who predicted that he would get his money back. When he came back to Singapore, the debtor agreed to pay him, by instalments.

In conclusion, is there any scientific explanations or do some Yangon fortune tellers have powers of predicting and changing the future?

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