Monday, March 19, 2012

Follow-up on the 48-hour panting dog

At 10 am, the 7-year-old Maltese dog that panted non-stop for 48 hours behaved as normal as any other dog. Groomer Clare was relieved of worries. I was happy for this now energetic companion of somebody. He ate a little and is as active as a puppy.

As to the cause of his medical problem, it is hard to say exactly.
"Don't need X-ray now that the dog has recovered," Clare said over the phone.
"As long as the owner has been advised that an X-ray is recommended," I said. "If the dog should die the next few days, the owner will demand to know why the vet did not recommend a simple chest X-ray."

Clare phoned the owner who is overseas and got the permission to X-ray. I told Dr Daniel and intern Mr Lim to get it done. The blood test result will come in soon.

The clinical outcome is what the owner wanted. Diazepam via a rectal tube did enable this dog to sleep and the other drugs helped her to recover. But what was the original cause of this sudden onset of continuous panting? Viral infection? Unlikely. I suspect it may be an allergic hypersensitivity reaction in the groomer's apartment affecting her. But this is pure speculation. Wait for blood test result.

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