Friday, March 23, 2012

919. Follow up on 48-hour panting dog

Visited Clare in her new grooming shop today with Dr Daniel. Just started 2 days on her own. "How's the dog?" I asked. "No serious panting yesterday," she said.
"That's good," I said as it is bad for the dog to die while being boarded in a groomer's apartment. Some do die, from heart failures.

"This dog would have died if you had delayed vet treatment," I was told that the owner would only be back from overseas on Wednesday (today being Friday). "The blood was bluish. Her tongue was cyanotic."

So, it was good news. She started her own shop and already had clients as she had been in the grooming business for over 15 years. "This Shih Tzu was groomed by me when she was a puppy," she showed me a black and white Shih Tzu with white scars on the left eyeball protruding. "Dr Jason Teo stitched up the eyelid one time when it was bleeding."

"You can remember every dog?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "I remember all my grooming dogs." In grooming, the owner sees the groomer often. "Contact is by telephone,"Clare told me. "So, shifting to new address will not be a problem." This is unlike a vet who moved out from old positions to start up a new place. Unless the vet sends cards; if not, it is hard to find them unless the owner is persevering.

Went to see a run down building near Singapore Zoo for the pet trade today with another groomer. "It is to be tendered for the pet-trade," he said. I told Dr Daniel that the government authorities have all their nonsenses rules and regulations and by the time this dilapidated building is fixed up, at least $200,000 will be spent and unless one is in contact with contractors, the amount will be astronomical to do "pet trade."

"Only a casket company came to see this month," the officer told us.

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