Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow up on guinea pig that suddenly passed blood in urine

Guinea pig, male, young, had passed blood in the urine some weeks ago. Vet 1 diagnosed UTI. Recovered after some days.

Again blood in urine. Sent to Toa Payoh Vets. Consulted me with Dr Daniel. Another recurrence of UTI? "The blood looks clean and bright red," I said. "It is unlikely to be UTI. Collect some urine for urine analysis."

How to collect urine? This is not a male dog or cat. A small male guinea pig that is much loved by his mistress who had consented to more detailed investigations rather than the usual injection and go home to wait and see. "Practise evidence-based medicine," I always advise my vets. "Feeling that it is not UTI or it is UTI is not sufficient. Feeling is not not enough". So, I had to practise what I preach and collect the urine from this little one.

Well, one must improvise as the urine must be clean and not be contaminated from faecal stools. Pictures showed.

After one day of treatment and rest, the guinea pig went home. I phoned the owner yesterday, Feb 27, 2012, around 7 days later. No more problem since going home.


Her reply on Feb 27, 2012 is as follows:

Hi Dr Sing,

The only time he's elevated to a height is when I carry him to bathe once a week. However, I have never dropped him before. He doesn't struggle at all. No one else carries him, they usually pat him when he's walking around on the floor (with supervision). When I carry him, I am seated on e floor too.

His whole cage is cleaned and wiped down with diluted vinegar or pet surface sanitizer (by byopet) at least twice a day
(morning and evening) or more.

After he got back from your clinic, he's been eating well n drinking well, a lot of hay and pellets. I feed him small portions of vegetables twice a day (either lettuce, baby carrots or cucumbers).

Thank you.

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