Tuesday, February 14, 2012

876. Chihuahua had "died"

Yesterday, Tuesday Feb, I did an unuusual Chihuahua spay cum teaching session to Dr Daniel in the afternoon. In the evening, the mother phoned Dr Daniel and said the Chihuahua had died. I was shocked and very sad. However, the Chihuahua had given birth to 2 dead 52-day-old pups.

Today at 10 am, she phoned me to ask whether she should continue feeding egg yolk to the same Chihuahua. "Hold on," I said as I went to ask Dr Daniel as to what was happening. "She said the dog had died."

I asked the mother. "Oh, the dog was dying. She fainted but I could see her breathing. After 2 hours in this position, the dog woke up and is now OK."
This was incredible as I could not understand why the dog had died. Her death was on my mind this morning. She did have a cyantoic tongue on picture taking. She was taken home 2 hours after my surgery and Dr Daniel had checked she was OK.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012
Home breeder Mr Lim phoned me to ask about Caesarean cost. I had charged $250-$300/Caesarean for breeders some 7 years ago and that was how he knew me as I was in the breeder Caesarean section business doing over 100 dystocias.

"The fees were too low," I had stopped servicing the breeders some 4 years ago. "It should be around $800 - $1,000."

VET 1 TREATMENT. Mr Lim was in Malaysia and so he sent his mum to Vet 1, a vet to get an IV drip first as his mum said the dam was dying since giving birth to two dead pups discovered on Monday morning. Now, it was Tuesday 1 pm and many hours had passed.

Vet 1 also did a blood test and ultrasounds. Possibly two dead fetus according to the ultrasound. I palpated the abdomen. There was a small firm lump of 8 cm x 8 cm which would be just the uterine body as a pup would be 2x larger. In any case, the mum said there were dead pups and so Caesarean was needed. But Mr Lim had instructed that I did it, and so the mum and daughter carried the Chihuahua and the IV drip bottle of 5% glucose saline, ultrasound and blood test from Vet 1 to my Surgery.

Home breeders want the least cost Caesarean sections and he just wanted Vet 1 to give the dog an IV drip first before sending to me. But he had the ultrasound and blood test. It was more costly now.

I spoke to Mr Lim by phone and advised spaying as the dog is 6 years old and had difficulty giving birth now. Mr Lim agreed and so I used this case as a demonstration of how I did a spay on a pregnant chihuahua to Dr Daniel. There was milk in the glands and so it was a surprise that Mr Lim said the pups born premature were 50-52 days. But he is a professional experienced home breeder and so I would accept his calculation.

The dog was severely dehydrated.

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