Friday, February 10, 2012

872. TOILET TRAINING - The 3rd dog shows he is the boss - urine marking


Dear Dr,

I really need your advice how I can train my schnauzer. I have a total of 3 dogs, this schnauzer give me the most problem and seem to be not learning. He was the last to come in to my house. At the moment he is already 3 years old and I really not sure can I still toilet train him. As I have try many way to ask him to go and pee but always love to give surprise.

Both my other 2 dog are well toilet train and do it at the right place. The schnauzer really give me a problem. When I ask all the dogs to pees they will go to the toilet and pee. Normally my other 2 dogs will go in to pee first. The schnauzer will only go to pee after both dog have pee and try to pee over my other 2 dog pee. This is not a problem with him.

He always love to any how pee near to the door and other part in the kitchen for no reason. He will just pee a little bit here and there. I am not sure is he trying to get my attentions. Even he know it is wrong to do it he still do it. He seem to love to just pee a little to cover the 2 dog pees and have his own pee outside the toilet. I try to catch him in the act but was not successful. Normally after feeding I will try to get him to the toilet. But he will not do it even I spent 30 mins trying to get him to do it in the toilet. The moment. I leave him go to my room 5-10 minutes time when I am out he will pee near to the door or at the wrong sport. Any solutions which I can house break his bad habits.

Please help me and give suggestion. I am totally lost.



Kong Yuen Sing

5:51 PM (16 hours ago)

to Edwin, bcc: me, bcc: daniel, bcc: jasonxll

I am Dr Sing from Thank you for your email.
It will be difficult to house-train the Schnauzer as he is 3 years old, not a puppy. He is urine-marking (pee over the other 2 dog's pee and elsewhere) to make sure that the other 2 dogs know he is the boss.

Some suggestions:
1. Neuter him soon.
2. After neuter, start house-training by confinement to one area or room for 2-6 weeks, if you have any space. Or use crate-training and take him out every 3-4 hour to pee. Basically same training as for puppies as described in, puppy house toilet training webpages.
3. Firm commands in house-training with rewards on success.

With best wishes.

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