Wednesday, February 8, 2012

869. Update: Miniature Schnauzer with recurrent urolithiasis

Recurrent urolithiasis
1. First time - calcium oxalate stones
2. Second time (now) - struvite stones

If the owner is careful and listen to veterinary advice, this case can be prevented using dietary management (prescription diet), monthly urine testing and 3-monthly X-ray of the bladder.

However, most Singaporean dog owners don't bother with the monthly urine testing and X-ray though some do come for the prescription diet.

In one male Miniature Schnauzer dog that I mentored a vet in his first urinary bladder operation of his vet clinic assistant's dog (see Toa Payoh Vets - Dogs - Urinary problems), this dog is fed commercial dry dog food which is less expensive than prescription diet, there is NO recurrence even a few years after surgery. The clinic assistant does not bother with all these advices of monthly urine tests and 3-monthly X-rays!

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