Tuesday, February 7, 2012

866. Pug needs dry S/D

Today, I phoned owner of a pug to follow up on the pug's fits and why she still needed S/D cans for past few months. The pug has this urinary tract infection if fed home-cooked or other foods.

"SD diet cannot be given for more than 3 months," I advised. "You need to change to CD". I ordered dry CD for her as it is more economical. She had ordered SD diet from a vet in Toa Payoh and when she came, she was told no S/D dry. I made an investigation. S/D dry is not available from the supplier and the vet had not updated her. All vets are to record orders in a book from now.

As the vet in charge, I need to get feedback and this is one such feedback when I followed up with the owner. She had not wanted to "complain" about this lack of service from my associate vet who had promised to order the S/D for her and she came but was told none available.

PUG Male, 3 years
26.1.11 dysuria

23.8.11 Urine test. pH =5 (5-8), SG=1.016 (1.005-1.030.) Nitrite +ve, Bacteria 3+

10.9.11 Urine test pH =8 (5-8), SG=1.029 (1.005-1.030.) Nitrite +ve,
Protein 3+, Ketones trace, Blood 4+, Bacteria 3+. WBC >2250, RBC >2250
Crystals Triple phosphate 2+.
S/D advised.

17.10.11 Urine test. pH =6.5 (5-8), SG=1.006 (1.005-1.030.) Nitrite -ve, Bacteria Nil. Blood trace, WBC 20, RBC 3. Crystals Nil. To acidify urine.

9.9.11 Fits April and Sep 2011. Blood in urine. Follow up today Feb 8, 2012. "One fit episode, no point consulting the vet," she said. I said I was phoning regarding the S/D diet being fed for some time.

10.9.11 Blood test Total WBC high 22 (6-17). N=84% L=7%.
17.10.11 Blood test Total WBC normal but N=10%, L=22%, Monocytes=53%, Basophil =14%. Chronic infection/inflammation likely.

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