Sunday, January 29, 2012

852. Exile from a village in Bali

Jan 30, 2012

There is one village in Bali that has traditional houses in the whole village and popular with tourists. It does not permit any villager, no matter how rich he is, to build grand houses. Any villager who is found to be against the interest of the village will be judged by the elders and exiled. Exile is the worst punishment for the offender, said the hotel manager of the Pushpapuri Villa. The rich man can build his grand house elsewhere and will still be permitted to attend to the customs and visit his family.

The local head and the government representative work together in the village. There may be over 100 villages in Bali. Singapore has its RCC, CCC and the mayor.

There was a case of a surgeon who falsified his surgical consent form and I believe, all hospitals will ban him from operating in their theatres. Professionals need to obey the rules of the trade too or face exile. I heard of a story of a lawyer who applied to be reinstated as he was banned for conveyancing misdeed. He did not mention about some misdeed in his application for reinstatement. So, he was not given back the licence.

There are rules and regulations of a society that a young adult wants to rebel against. The consequences may be bad for them and they may need to think of the consequences.

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