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849. Owner's e-mail query about spaying a young Chihuahua

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I would like to inquire what is the cost for the above?
She 7 months old and just began her season today, 29/01.
When is a good time to have the procedure?
Will she require hospitalization?

What are the possible side-effects?

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Thank you for your email. I am Dr Sing from Toa Payoh Vets. The cost of the spay is around $250 depending on whether there are complications. Best time to spay her is 2 months after the end of her season ie. around April 1, 2012. She does not need hospitalisation normally. Bring the dog in at 10 am and bring her back, usually in the evening. Appointments are best.

Possible side effects of surgery are anaesthetic deaths, infection, bleeding and pain. A blood test is advised to screen the dog's health and if there are no disorders of the kidney and liver, the risks are very low. As for bleeding and pain, there are prevention of further bleeding by careful haemorrhage control and check up. There is medication to relieve pain and prevent infections post-op.

In my experience of spays over the past 30 years of small animal practice, 99% of spayed cases of young healthy dogs do NOT die from anaesthetic risk as anaesthesia is safe nowadays. They do not get bleeding to death, infections or stitch breakdown. The majority of my dog spays are done during 2-3 months after the season.

Pl make an appointment at 6254-3326 for surgery. Best wishes.

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