Thursday, January 26, 2012

845. An unusual complaint about puppy vaccination at Toa Payoh Vets

Yesterday, Jan 26, 2012, I received a phone call from a home breeder saying that her buyer had brought a 8-week-old gold/white Shih Tzu puppy to me on Jan 25, 2012 for vaccination. I had told the buyer that the puppy was 5 weeks old and therefore too young to vaccinate. "I delivered the puppies myself," the breeder said. "They are 8 weeks old but the buyer said you told her she is 5 weeks old."

I was surprised as I do not age a puppy so accurately as being 5 weeks. No vet can do this because it is not possible to pin-point the exact age just by looking at the puppy's teeth. There is a range and 8 weeks is plausible. So, I told her I would check Jan 25 cases and none of the 4 vets had such a puppy presented on that day.

The home breeder's message to me:

Dr Sing, indly assist to investigate the following:
Name and tel of buyer given

She claimed she had brought the puppy shih tzu, female, gold/white, 2 mths old to your clinic appointment on 25 Jan, for puppy's lst vaccination and microchip. However she had informed me yesterday that your vet told her the puppy is only 5 weeks old.

I suppose in that instance no vaccination or microchip done? N what is the assessment for no vaccine for the puppy? That constitutes to the buyer claiming your vet said so. If this is the case, I will make report and take action accordingly.

The puppies were born on 28 Nov 2011. I was the one who helped my dog gave birth to the puopies. I would like your assistance to investigate and clarification to this matter soonest. Thank you.


My reply to the breeder:

On 25 Jan 2012, none of the 4 vets including myself had a case of a female shih tzu puppy, gold and white, 8 weeks or 5 weeks for vaccination. I have checked all cases done on that day. Give me her tel number to verify with her.

I have not contacted the buyer yet. This is quite an emotional issue and it is best not to rush into phoning the buyer since she had not come on Jan 25, 2012. How to handle this case since the buyer had stopped responding to the breeder's phone call?

Based on this case, home breeders who are concerned about their puppies sold may find it important to give a paper of birth when they sell their puppies.

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