Sunday, January 22, 2012

834. Perseverance v. passion to become a vet

Today, Chinese New Year, I phoned Kim to thank her for her SMS "Happy New Year Dr Sing! May your business prosper."

She had quit doing Sunday vet internship in 2012 saying that she had no money to study vet medicine anyway. I said: "Kim, Nobody can predict the future. There are ups and downs in life. Who knows? You may get an inheritance or good fortune. Or a vet scholarship with your track record of internship over the years. But do you really have the passion for vet medicine? If your father is rich, there is no need to have passion as the father pays all fees and open the clinic for you as well."

Kim said: "Maybe in 4 to 5 years' time, I will do the vet internship."

"Is it your husband who is against you doing Sunday internship? It is hard for a married woman to waste a Sunday afternoon instead of spending time with the husband!"

"No," she said. Well, I wish her good luck. This passion for veterinary medicine is difficult to define and harder to find in a Singaproean as it is hard work to excell and succeed to be a good vet.

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