Monday, January 16, 2012

824. Vet surgery - productivity - cat spay

I am sharing my 30 years of experiences of a cat spay with others interested and to assess my timing as a guide for associate vets

Cat, 1 year +, Female, 2.6 kg
Sent in for spay toeday Jan 17, 2012
Surgeon: Dr Sing
Suture: 2-0 Polysorb braided lactomer C14 cutting 24 mm 3/8

Preparation: Cat was clipped bald before sedation. This saves a lot of time.

xylazine 0.1 ml + ketamine 0.4 ml IM
Wait 10 minutes. Still alert
Need top up isoflurane for few seconds - good analgesia

10.33am xylazine + ketamine IM
10.43 am Isoflurane 5% start reducing to 0.5%
10.52 am Skin incision started
10.54 am lst ovary (left) hooked
10.59 am 2nd overy (right) hooked
11.02 am uterine body ligated. 2 ligatures
11.08 am stitch linea alba 3 simple interrupted
11.11 am stitched skin 2 horizontal mattress
11.12 am skin stitched up

Sedation to skin stitched 10.33 - 11.12 am = 39 minutes

Tolfedine and baytril injection SC
One bandage on wound to be replaced on Day 3 with new one. I usually don't prescribe e-collar as cats hate them
Baytril x 1 tab 1/4 tab/day

Total cost of spay $150

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