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809. Update Travel Stories; Young Adults Who Are Not Hungry

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Travel Stories. Dubai - Jan 1, 2012 Winchester Hotel 12.08 am

Many young adults in a free world of abundance like Singapore, live in a virtual world of the smart phone texting and connecting with friends day to day. No responsibilities of adulthood and parenthood.

How to pretty themselves? How to look cools? There seems to be a trend in Singapore's young adults from the middle and upper class to go for Laser Surgery of two eyes.

It is cool. Their peers do it and they desire it. A 5-hour eye test free of charge. They are sold on the benefits and want to book immediately.

Go for cosmetic eye surgery since other young adults in the middle class go for it. Side effects like dry eyes that need eye drops daily after laser operation and corneal damage affecting beauty and vision due to a possible mis-positioning or inadvertent mistake by the sophisticated eye laser machines or machine operator are ignored. Such side effects will not happen to them. How about long-term effects on vision loss. Well, the young adults are invincible. They are not 30 years old. Why think longer than 1 year later? They are not aware of the other young adults who have adverse effects after the cosmetic eye surgery as they don't want to know. They think high tech eye laser machines are perfect and will not damage their cornea. $4,000 is the price. So what?
In Europe now, I read that 40,000 breast implants which leak and may cause cancer are worrying so many women who had gone for breast cosmetic surgery. The standard of care was not there as manufacturers of breast implants use poor quality material. Who suffers daily worrying about the implants rupturing and causing cancer? How many celebrities with botched cosmetic surgeries have these young adults research? There is a website devoted to such cases but why bother to read them?

The years rush by. Time flies. Those young adults who acquire specialised relevant skills after graduation, works hard and is honest, get the good jobs globally as they are useful and indispensable to the employer.

Most of the old guards or senior citizens will never be able to compete in this global world for jobs needing more than a degree from the University and work experience. There is a need for specialised relevant technical experience in many high-paying jobs globally.

Many Singaporean young adults are blessed growing up in abundance in a Singapore, free of wars, natural disasters and crime from the 1950s - 2012 and are unprepared for the shocks of the real world. There are many hungry young adults in Eastern Europe and China who value time and money, and not cosmetic surgery to pretty themselves. They know the importance of hard work (not working 5 days a week, at 9-5 am) to succeed in life. Singaporean parents try to shelter their young ones from hard work and long hours, thinking that the world owes them a living. Or the Government will provide.

Many young Singaporeans don't bother to learn how to read the financial statements but will punt or accept a friend's advice to invest in some schemes which appear to be Pansy schemes. For example, buying a gold bar and paying for 20% below market price and getting regular returns above average. Sounds too good to be true and seems to me to be another version of Madoff's US$50 billion ponzi scheme on a small scale.

2012 appears to be another recession caused by the Euro crisis but how many young Singaporean adults can discuss in depth what is the Euro crisis and how it will impact their parents' livelihood, their own job prospects and their country's economy.

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