Tuesday, December 27, 2011

792. Travel Stories - Prague Castle and another Christmas Market Fair

Dec 28, 2011 Hotel Duo 7.50am Singapore time 2.59pm

Yesterday, another city tour, mainly Prague Castle and the churches. Christmas Market Fair and shopping in the afternoon. I am quite sick of this itinerary of shopping. But I had a chance to do street photography of the tourists. Only 3 are interesting to viewers and are as follows:

I like the "gray" colour theme of the distinguished gentleman with his gray poodle in similar stance and profile. His lady friend is also dressed in gray coat. There is a market square tower and when the clock chimes at the hour, the two windows open and some figures can be seen. A trumpeter will blow his trumpet! This seem to attract the crowd. A concert was shown for children too. Overall, this Christmas market fair is the most varied. Horse rides, concert, vintage car rides, hop on tours and lots of stalls. It seems that the food stalls do brisk business. The others are suffering.

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