Saturday, December 24, 2011

788. Travel Stories - Day 5. Slovakia and Poland

Dec 25, 2011 Sympozium Hotel, Krakrow 6.08am, Singapore time 1.09pm
Yesterday - 6-hour drive to Poland via Slovakia. White snow countryside. Cold.

Lunch at ski resort in Slovakia. Good place for overnight stay said the guide esp. for experience of snow for one afternoon, overnight and next lunch, rather than the usual shopping malls (free and easy) again and again. I had spent two afternoons on two or 3 shopping malls which is a waste of time for me except for some Singaporeans. Life is more than shopping for branded goods which are "slightly cheaper than Singapore." Just a 2-hour stop. I could see the ski schools, ski chairs, snowboarding, ski crafts and even "Husky" dog sledges for rides

Only 18 Singaporean tourists in this tour. I saw Chan Brothers and MAsia tour groups at Budapests. Around 18 people. No children. "Quite boring," said one lecturer as compared to last year 40 Singaporeans in Italy-Switzerland-France tour. One 5-star tour group arrived one day ahead of us. I saw the young man whose money was stolen in Vienna. He is OK now. He just had dinner at Hotel Sympozium and highly recommended the hotel's mushroom soup, beetroot (pinkish) and salmon. All restaurants are closed and our guide said we needed to eat 3 meals at the Chinese restaurant China Palace. The dinner in this China Palace was bad. Red snapper fish was not fresh, cooked in sauce. I avoided it. Singaporeans have a much higher standard of fresh fish.

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