Tuesday, December 20, 2011

784. Dec 21, 2011 Austria

Dec 20, 2011
7 hours flight from Singapore to Dubai
7 hours flight from Dubai to Vienna

Compared to Dec 2010 when I also flew Emirates to Dubai, this year, the Dubai Airport looked subdued in lighting by 50% at 6.30 am. Not so bright. The Christmas trees were not decorated or lit. Lesson to be learnt.

1. Changes is the constant in life. Last year, Dubai airport must be at its top. Then it had to cut cost.

2. Free breakfast. Big place in the upper floor last year with choices of fruits, cakes and meat. This year, coupons to 3 cafes. I went to "Thai Express" with the coupon. A plate of rice with veg curry and one fried pop piah and one bottle of water.

3. Airport crowd. Less crowded but the Emirate plane from Singapore is still full of passengers as in last year, at around 100% full in economy class.

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