Friday, December 16, 2011

775. No dog

Friday Dec 17, 2011 was a significant day. Dr Vanessa's dog had not been brought to the surgery. On Thursday, I nearly fell as I slipped while going to a crate in the back Animal Handling Room to show a client another Shih Tzu with tarsorrhapy. Her dog peed a big puddle on the floor and did not see it. Obviously I don't look for urine in my own Surgery. This dog had a habit of letting go of large puddles of urine when let loose in the back room. My assistant Min had to clean up and that should NOT be his job. I don't see Dr Vanessa cleaning up and I had given her instruction NOT to let the dog loose anymore. The staff will inform me if she does not heed the instruction.

The dog barks at Min and at me whenever we go to the consultation room to talk to her about the cases. Dr Vanessa would just keep quiet and not discipline the dog as I had advised her. So the dog became bolder and barked to drown out any talk from me or Min. I just can't understand why she would permit such behaviour. This is just not appropriate behaviour for a vet.

The dog also barked at clients. Some Muslim clients cannot be near this dog but he was let loose and so wandered to sniff them or their cats.

It is over one year tolerating this dog's behaviour and copious urination. I hav e to decide as to whether to terminate Dr Vanessa's association with Toa Payoh Vets. Just last month, her dog charged at me when she and I were discussing a case of a dog warded. I just could not believe that she did nothing. Not even a word of scolding at this dog. She just held back the dog in time.

This story is so incredible that readers may think I have a fertile imagination.

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