Tuesday, December 13, 2011

772. Ward dog for 3 days after tarsorrhapy

When the left eye was injured, the owner agreed to her dog being warded for 3 days at Toa Payoh Vets and the eye was well cared for. So, no complaints.

When the right eye was injured and treated by tarsorrhapy by Vet 1, the owner wanted the dog home AGAINST medical advice. On day 2, she phoned me to say that the eye was swollen and bleeding. I advised immediate bringing the dog to Toa Payoh Vets for me to check. She did not do so. Around Day 7, she said the suture had broken down and the eye was swollen and bleeding. This time she brought the dog down and was very unhappy as the first left eye with tarsorrhapy recovered without problems.

"There is no guarantee that every surgery is going to be successful everytime," I said. "I do have cases where there are similar problems. In the first case of the injured left eye, I did advise NOT taking the dog home for 3 days but you did not accept my advice."

There was a lot of unhappiness and blame onto the vet when the owner does not heed medical advice. Vet 1 is not to be blamed as the dog's eye was not well cared for post-op by the maid and mother. The dog was not confined but left to wander around the house and could have rubbed his eyes against sofa sides and beds, leading to stitch breakdown and bleeding.

I advise a repeat tarsorrhapy as the ulcers were deep and would need to be covered up to heal. Or a second opinion from another vet as to whether to leave the eye alone. If the owner has her way, she would rather not have tarsorrhapy. If the eye cornea subsequently ruptures or get pus infection, she would again blame the consulting vet for not having given proper advice! All advices must be RECORDED in the medical records nowadays although sometimes my vet just will not do it.

I will perform tarsorrhapy on Dec 14 and follow up.
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